United Methodist Historical Society of Ohio
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Established in 1839


  1. Rev. Millard W. Mead, by Galion St. Mark UMC (deceased January 2019)
  2. Norma Coe Anderson
  3. Mrs. Mary Miller (deceased February 2001)
  4. Louise Morrison (deceased October 2014)
  5. Mary Beard (deceased February 2010)
  6. Rev. Marvin D. Bean (deceased February 2016)
  7. Mrs. Willard A. Shaw (deceased April 2012)
  8. William Drown (deceased March 2017)
  9. Rev. Fred Gaston (deceased March 2004)
  10. George H. Theuer (deceased July 2004)
  11. Dr. William Creasy (deceased 2 March 2021)
  12. Gladys Nicholas (deceased July 2020)
  13. Dr. Paul Boase (deceased December 2000)
  14. Carol Ann Beck (deceased November 2008)
  15. Harriette Snoga (deceased August 2008)
  16. Robert L. George
  17. Susan J. Cohen (deceased January 2003)
  18. James Callihan
  19. Ruth Craig (deceased September 2015)
  20. Louis Risser (deceased January 2020)
  21. Jennie B. Lepley-Newton
  22. Detterman Log Church -- UMC Heritage Landmark  (Bishop John Seybert/Flat Rock Cluster), by Seybert Museum
  23. Church of the Master UMC, Westerville, OH, by Mary Bigham
  24. Hanby House -- UMC Heritage Landmark, by Mary Bigham
  25. Dr. Roy Rauschenberg (deceased February 2011)
  26. Beverly M. Miner
  27. Mary E. Ramser  (deceased Dec. 2020)
  28. David W. Einsel, Jr. (deceased October 2006)
  29. Mary Fraser-Moots (deceased November 2010)
  30. Phillip K. Moots (deceased April 2007)
  31. Rev. John W. Beers, by West Ohio Commission on Archives & History
  32. Rev. Millard J. Miller, D.D., by Westerville Historical Society (deceased August 2011)
  33. Martha Sprout
  34. Richard W. Rash, by Ebenezer Zane Cabin, (deceased April 2002)
  35. Maurice Blue, by Ebenezer Zane Cabin), (deceased June 2002)
  36. Rev. Terry G. Washburn
  37. Dr. Allan W. Hall (deceased June 2014)
  38. Rev. Don Trigg, by East Ohio Commission on Archives & History
  39. Arden Welch
  40. Ellen Roth (deceased June 2016)
  41. Mary Mortimer, by Ebenezer Zane Cabin Committee
  42. Dicey Ann Carter-Crain
  43. Ann S. Miller
  44. Katherine B. Fuller
  45. Rev. Lowell Peterson, by West Ohio Commission on Archives & History
  46. Joanne Miller  (deceased February 2020)
  47. Betsy Fletcher (deceased December 2010)
  48. Bellpoint United Methodist Church
  49. Rev. Harley Roston
  50. Jim Barbee, by West Ohio Commission on Archives & History (deceased March 2018)
  51. Sandra Beard
  52. Dr. Robert C. Bowman, Jr.
  53. Malinda L. "Mindy" Klawitter
  54. Dr. Janet Rice McCoy
  55. Anne Dallas Budd
  56. Dr. Sarah Brooks Blair
  57. Sandra Nihiser
  58. Charles Rudy Heath II
  59. Carol Holliger, by UMHSO Executive Board
  60. Gretchen Herron Wilson
  61. Jennifer L. Neff
  62. Irma Wolf
  63. Eloise Toth, by West Salem United Methodist Church
  64. Dr. Ed Duling
  65. Mary Ann Stotts, by Ontario United Methodist Church
  66. Mark R. Ramser
  67. Betsy L. Bowen
  68. Janet W. Harlamert
  69. William L. Smith
  70. Margaret "Meg" Sondey
  71. Deborah A. Saito
  72. Angela G. Finney
  73. Gregory A. Johnson
  74. Christy Culver
If you are aware of a Life member on our list who has passed into Eternal Life,
please notify our Membership Secretary, Mary Ann Stotts at ma215stotts@gmail.com.  
Thank you.
Emmeline Miller, by Westerville Historical Sociey
Merrill E. Nelson, by Clenzo B. Fox
Mary McCarron, by Mary Ann Stotts
Neff-Noll-Sanzenbacher families, by Jennifer L. Neff
Rev. Edward Barnes Brewster & Helen Page Brewster, by Dr. Janet Rice McCoy
Rev. William Nesbitt Brewster & Elizabeth Fisher Brewster, by Dr. Janet Rice McCoy
Essie Giffin, by Mary Ann Stotts
Rev. Perry and Mrs. Fumi Sato, by Deb Saito